A Day In The Life

A day in my life using digital media.

  • What sites and/or applications do you visit most often? Describe the sites and applications that you identify.

I tend to visit Facebook, Pinterest, MSN and SHNU most often during my day.   Secondary sites that I may or may not visit include Wish, Twitter, YouTube and gardening sites… and occasionally I do play games.   After checking my email, I would have to admit that Facebook is the next site that I visit.  I find that I need my social media fix pretty frequently.  I think that it is very interesting how Facebook has been able to cater to my assumed “needs”.  Since it is a fallible operation, things I’m to view are sometimes very repetitive.    Social media is also very powerful and can also affect how I view advertisements and marketing in general.

  • Do you have positive or negative reactions when using certain types of digital media?

I normally have positive reactions when using digital media.  I think that the quality of the site will determine the experience or reaction I have to a specific site.  If the videos are lagging or the content is boring, I will move on fairly quickly.  Any negative reactions will most likely be caused by poor connectivity.  Although, lately I’ve found the intrusion of “commercials” during Youtube or Facebook videos to be very annoying and I will generally skip through if possible.

  • Do you find that your needs are satisfied using one type of digital media over another?

I enjoy visual media more than just written words.  For example, I can read an article on how to create a lasagna garden from scratch but I find that an article with photos or a video to be much more informative and interesting.

  • Do you receive emails from companies? If so, what types of email catch your attention? What do you look for?

I do receive occasional emails from companies.  Most of the time, the emails pertain to gardening or garden / farm supplies although I also receive emails from companies that are cooking or food based.  I am attracted to emails with enticing wording.    For example, an email can hold many different components such as planting seeds, best tractor for the job and heirloom tomatoes.  The word, “heirloom” will grab my attention right away because it is one of my interests.

  • What do you notice about the use of digital media in marketing today? Explain.

Things that used to seem free…  YouTube or Facebook videos are being broken up by “commercials” more frequently.  I’ve gotten used to seeing a “commercial” in the beginning of a video but interrupting a video with “commercials” seems rude and annoying.

Also, digital media is so much more viral than it ever was.  I am friends with a very diverse group of people on Facebook but it seems like the viral videos are the only things being viewed.  Days upon days of a viral videos.  A little overboard…. in my opinion.



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