Tale of the Tiger


Tampa International Airport takes pride in making customers feel that each experience is a personal experience.   In this instance, one of their employees took it upon themselves to create a personal experience with a “tiger” that a young boy had left behind.

The operations manager carted the tiger doll around the airport and created  a scenario to show the doll having an adventure.  He photographed the doll with various employees and in different situations.    The strategy of TIA was to create a feeling of customer care and personal touch.  The photographs and adventures became a personalized book of the tiger doll’s escapade.  At the return of the doll, the boy also received the book as a memento.

The story was posted on Facebook and Twitter and soon, the photographs and descriptions of the adventures became a viral hit.   The sharing of the story also prompted others who frequent TIA to share their own personal stories with the business.

The digital media followers were invited to interact with the story posts and descriptions and were also replied to in a friendly, family-style way.  The story spread onto various world-wide news organizations including Good Morning America, CNN and channels in Germany, France and other European countries.


Efficient experience might have left out some of the personal feelings in returning the boy’s doll.    Social media could have been use somewhat like a “lost dog” type of advertisement but that would have made the experience less personal.  The “tiger” would not have had the adventure and an opportunity for a “feel good” story would have been missed.


TIA has it’s own website.  It also has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube page.    The Facebook page has over 85,000 LIKES.  The page is not only visually appealing, but also engaging.  They have had various contests to encourage personal experiences with loyal and perspective customers and this has been relatively effective.  The page is very responsive to inquiries and personally answers questions.  In addition, their Facebook page takes every opportunity to showcase improvements in the airport such as work stations and new restaurants to better serve their customers’ needs.



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